Wikipedia Android App Updated With Lead Images On Articles And More



Wikipedia Android app has received a major update with a bunch of changes and feature additions.

One of the big changes is that now the articles have a lead image in the beginning. That really adds to the visual appearance of the app. Speaking of images, there’s a new image gallery integrated into the app. You can tap any photo to show it full screen, from where you can swipe left or right to browse other images in the article. The gallery looks good and works well, the transition between images is fluid and under each image there’s a short description and the name of the author.

The other news in the app include improvements in the search department and suggestions. At the end of the article, there are now suggestions for other articles related to the current one. The search results have short descriptions now, and when the search box is empty, the app shows you your previous searches.

You can get the Wikipedia app for free from the Google Play Store.