Sony unveils new stainless steel SmartWatch 3


SmartWatch 3

2015 is certainly shaping up to be the year of the smartwatch and we’re only 6 days in, Sony has failed to grab the headlines recently; when it comes to smartwatches anyway (Pretty sure we all heard they got hacked) which is shame, because they’ve made some pretty impressive smartwatches in the past.

The original Smartwatch 3 before it was coated in all its stainless steel glory came rocking a rubbery silicone band, which is certainly more practical and better if you’re hitting the gym, but doesn’t look as smart. The stainless steel version has a 1.6 inch 320 x 320 display and IP68 waterproof resistance just like the original version of the Smartwatch 3. It also runs on Google’s Android Wear watch platform.

“Our approach to smart, wearable technology is based on the fundamentals of building depth and variety in user experiences, and providing choice with beautiful, functional products,” said Kaz Tajima, Senior Vice President, Head of UX Creative Design and Planning at Sony Mobile Communications. “The expansion of Lifelog – both in terms of its open API and our vision for new wearable concepts – will allow creative partners to integrate their apps and services to our platform – giving our users access to the richest, most varied wearable ecosystem.” 


The only actual difference between this version and the original is the steel band, which makes look a lot more sophisticated and will transform this in people’s mind from a glorified step counter to a practical, every day watch