CES2015 – Archos Smart Kitchen tablet works with Freshub to help with online shopping


Archos Smart Kitchen Tablet

Remember the scene in the Arnie film “The 6th Day”, when the fridge recognises what was taken out of the fridge and adds more to the shopping list? No? Well, it wasn’t the main part of the film. Anyway, today, at CES2015, Archos have announced they have launched the worlds first Connected Kitchen shopping tool in partnership with Freshub.

Archos Smart Kitchen tablet will keep shopping lists for you:

In an effort to keep the home connected and ever at our fingertips, Archos has announced a partnership with Freshub where the Archos Smart Kitchen tablet will store your shopping list and make the order for you with online retailers so you don’t have that nagging feeling you’ve forgotten something anymore.

How does it work? Whenever you’ve finished an item from the fridge (say, the milk) simply wave the product in front of the Archos Smart Kitchen Tablet (a clone of the Archos Smart Home Tablet) and it will automatically be added to the list. We haven’t got much detail on this yet, but we’re guessing there is a measure of OCR reading taking place as well as maybe barcode scanning. Should the item not have a barcode (like a banana) then you can simply add it to the list with voice activation. Even better, if the product you want is out of stock, the Archos Smart Kitchen Tablet will suggest alternatives, just like any good online retailer would.

We currently have the Archos Smart Home Tablet here for review, and can see how this simple addition would add great functionality to the device (keep an eye out for our review in the next couple of days).

Loic Poirtier, Archos CEO said:

As leaders in the Connected Objects field, we are proud to work with Freshub to connect the kitchen. Our Smart Home vision now helps people to keep their kitchens well stocked thanks to the world’s first connected device offering an instant grocery retail link. This game-changing connectivity will considerably alter the way people shop and will shape the future retailing experience.