ZTE announces ZTE Star 2, flagship voice controlled smartphone


ZTE Star 2

ZTE introduced its latest 4G LTE flagship voice controlled smartphone powered by Google’s Android operating system and sequel to Star 1. According to Chinese OEM press release, the ZTE Star 2 “offers superior voice control functions that redefine the smartphone experience,” said Shi Lirong, Executive Director and President of ZTE Corporation.

“Building on the success of Star 1, Star 2 represents the latest product from our biometrics voice integration strategy. ZTE is committed to changing people’s lives and how they interact with mobile devices in the connected world era via mobile broadband internet.”  

ZTE Star 2 feature a 5-inch display that’s embedded in an aluminium frame and polycarbonate casing. The phone is only 6.9mm thick and has 1.18mm thin bezel. Under the hood there’s a Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor clocked at 2.3GHz frequency, backed up by 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage.and a 2,300 mAh battery. Additionally, ZTE Star 2 packs 13MP main and 5MP front-facing cameras.

We are not sure which Android version this device is running, as it’s not mentioned in the press release, however, ZTE says it is available with MiFavor 3.0 UI.


ZTE Star 2 features the industry’s first system-level voice and speech recognition solution that is fully functional even when the device is offline and without a network connection. Its improved recognition technology offers a rapid response rate of just 1.2 seconds, with a 90% success rate even in abnormal noise ambience conditions. ZTE Star 2’s wide array of voice control functions allow users to unlock the device with their own unique voice tone, make phone calls, open third-party apps, play music, take photos and much more. The device also offers a number of smart voice functions for both business and entertainment purposes, such as real-time voice-to-text input and a function that allows users to play music using voice commands.

Star 2 also comes with ZTE’s newly improved driving mode, which offers a safer and more convenient hands-free driving experience. Its driving mode features a range of voice control functions, such as automatic GPS navigation, message replying, call answering, and music control.

ZTE Star 2’s voice control functions are complemented by an array of motion sensing features that offer added convenience to users. For instance, a user can simply hold the device by their ear and say the name of a contact to call them, without having to activate the touch screen or unlock the device.

Star 2 is available in China for 2499 CNY, about £260 / 330 Euros. Expect more flagship device announcements during CES 2015.