Google Device Assist app launched to help troubleshoot issues on Nexus phones:


Google Device Assist app

There’s nothing worse than getting a new phone and then find out that it can’t do something, or that the battery drains in half a day when all you’ve done is read your twitter timeline. The thoughtful people at Google have thought outside the box, and launched an app to help, the Google Device Assist app.

Google Device Assist app:

The Google Device Assist app will help you find and resolve issues which may be affecting the GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth and generally get the most out of your device. The catch? It’s only available in the US on Google Nexus phones, Google Play Edition phones and Android One devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop. As an added bonus, if you’re running a GPE or Nexus phone, you get priority tech support from Google through the app.

OK, so the Google Device Assist won’t be of any help for hardware issues (such as a depleted battery), but it will tell you how to conserve battery by turning down the screen brightness if it’s too high. Granted this isn’t a unique app, there are lots like it on the Google Play Store, but the direct line to tech support on certain phones is a nice touch.

The Google Device Assist app is available from the Google Play Store for free.