Corning introduces new tougher Gorilla Glass 4


CGG4Corning have introduced their new version of resistant display called Gorilla Glass 4. The new resistant glass is said to be far stronger than the previous version, Gorilla Glass 3 while still being thinner than the predecessor, (only 0.4mm thick compared to Gorilla Glass 3 which is 0.7mm thick).

The introduction of this new display definitely comes at a time when manufacturers are coming under pressure to equip their devices with displays which don’t break as easily and cost a small fortune to replace. The new corning Gorilla Glass 4 also means that a thinner lighter glass contributes to the whole aesthetics and form factor of what manufacturers can do with their devices in terms of design.

As you can see in the product information sheet, specs wise, there is information showing that indeed Gorilla Glass 4 does better in performance tests as compared to previous glass. In this day and age where how thin a device is, is actually a selling point, it will definitely be a factor to OEMs when considering new devices. Devices sporting this Gorilla Glass 4 were able to survive 80% of drops from 1m (3.3ft) on a rough surface in a new test devised by Corning scientists. For statistical purposes,Corning Gorilla Glass is on over 3 billion devices so far. It will be interesting to see how the GG4 stacks up against Apple’s Sapphire glass.

Whats your take on this?