MarkO Review – Your Best Task Buddy





The task manager is one of the utilities we tend to take for granted. Maybe that’s because it’s an essential tool for every mobile device, or because the stores are full with these kind of apps. But not all of them are identical. Every now and then, a new one pops up and mesmerizes us with cool features or a slick user interface. MarkO, your new best task buddy, does both of them.

MarkO is a new take on the regular task manager. It’s developed by¬†CodeWell Unlimited, and though it’s still in early stages of development, it has the guts to replace your existing app for handling tasks. It uses your location to remind you of your incomplete tasks, rather than a specified date and time, reminding you whenever you come into a certain radius of the specified location.

Design and functionality

The developers did a great job designing this app. It looks beautiful, with flat, eye-popping colors and nice animations. It follows the new Material design concepts and thus it blends well with the Android app ecosystem.

The app has a main screen, where your unfinished tasks are displayed, a pull menu, from which you can navigate to the Settings panel and the other screens. To add a new task, click the Add button on the Action bar. That opens up a new view where you can specify your task and add a location for it.