Functional Project ARA device shown off on stage


You might have heard about or come across Project Ara on the internet this past couple of months,well now there’s a functional Ara device which was shown off at Engadget’s New York event. As a recap on Project Ara, it’s a modular phone whereby you are able to interchange certain aspects and features of your phone.

The reasoning behind this project is this, most people buy other devices because of their current devices shortcomings. Maybe you want a device with a better display,or a better camera,or specific functions such as a heart rate sensor that your current device that doesn’t have. Well imagine having the ability to switch up or even add certain features to your phone by simply swapping a couple of modules or parts to update your device with what you want? Pretty awesome.

The first Project Ara device was powered up in June but it was stuck in a boot loop. Well another prototype was shown off at last week and it did more than boot up, the user was able to play Angry Birds, watch Beauty and the Beast, and swap modules while the device was still on.

Last week, Phonebloks uploaded  a video of a fully working Ara device as well, showing how much what was just an idea a year ago, now is a fully working prototype. Project Ara devices will have a pre-installed app which will allow the user to turn off the magnet for certain modules so you can slide them in and out.

During the presentation,the user was able to swap out a module for a heart scanner module which he was able to use,all while the device was still on.This definitely shows how amazing Project Ara can turn into and how amazing it will be.What do you think about Project Ara?


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