Oppo N3 Motorised swivel camera can take selfies, pano’s and more


oppo n3

Having just reported that the Chinese firm Oppo took the tittle of World’s thinnest phone with their new Oppo R5, we no report that the phone laucnched with the R5 has taken swivel cams to a whole new geekiness. The Oppo N3 motorised swivel camera is beyond cool!

Oppo N3 motorised swivel camera:

First launched on the predecesor, the Oppo N1, the swivel camera meant that you only have one camera for both front and rear. This can cut down on price, and mean you have a very high quality camera for video conference, or (heaven forbit) selfies. The swivel camera on the N1 was turned manually, but the Oppo N3 motorised swivel camera means that you only need to flick the screen to change it from forward facing, to rear facing without having to take your finger away from the screen.

The advantage of a motorised swivel camera has other advantages too. Thanks to the Oppo N3 motorised swivel camera, you can take automatic panoramic pictures simply by holding the phone still. The advantage of that (other than looking like 007) is that there is much less likely to be any stitching problems when the photo’s are put together (if they’re not just one big photo, that hasn’t been made clear).

The Oppo N3 motorised swivel camera comes with other add on’s besides the panoramic function, such as “HD Picture”, which thakes a 64 MP picture, or Super Macro picture.

For more information on the Oppo N3 motorised swivel camera and it’s features, read the Engaget review.