Hudl2 launched by tesco – “Bigger, Better, Faster”



Last year, UK High Street shop Tesco released a 7″ tablet at a very low price called the Hudl. Designed to be a cheap introduction to the Tablet market for an older generation and a play thing for the young, the Hudl sold really well, and with good reason. This year, Tesco‘s has upped their game and released the Hudl2 with the slogan of “Bigger, Better, Faster”.

Hudl2 Launched by Tesco:

It’s fair to say that the Tablet market is flooded with tablets of all sizes, all specifications and all price ranges. From the ridiculously cheap (and, ultimately, ridiculously underpowered) Allwinner A13 to the seriously expensive (and seriously orientated) NVIDIA Tegra K1. Tesco’s Hudl2 is at the bottom end of this price range (although not quite as low as the Allwinner A13). However, just because it has a low price, doesn’t mean it’s low powered (look at the Moto G for an example).

The Hudl2 has grown compared to its predecessor (which is still available for sale at £99) going from 7″ screen to an 8.3″ Full HD screen. Add to this two rear facing stereo speakers, this device will be excellent for watching films and video on. Powered by a 1.83GHz Intel Atom Quad-Core Processor with 2GB of RAM, this device will be able to run most of the high-end games on the Google Play Store and will do for some time to come.

As well as the impressive internals, the Hudl2 comes with a 5MP rear camera and a 1.2MP forward camera, meaning it will be perfect for video calls and allowing kids to go out and take some good pictures. Uploading them to the Web to share won’t be a problem as the Hudl2 has a Dual-Band WiFi chip, meaning it will be able to make the most of new routers and load the photos quickly. If the internal storage of 16GB isn’t enough, you can insert a MiniSD card and expand the storage up to 48GB total. And with the 8 hours battery life, you won’t be looking for a plug to charge it up halfway through the day.

Added to the hardware, the Hudl2 comes with the latest Android 4.4.4 KitKat, so you won’t be vulnerable to any security flaws. Tesco have also loaded some helpful software to take advantage of your Tesco Clubcard account, meaning you can see when your next shopping delivery is due, how many Clubcard points you have and any special offers you may be interested in. This software also contains helpful tutorials for people who have never used a tablet before and gives users access to after sale support from the tablet too.

The Hudl2 goes on sale online at as of October 8th, and will also be available in store from October 9th.