HTC Desire 816 Review


HTC Desire 816 Review

HTC have managed to turn around their ailing fortunes in recent years, last year they struck gold with the HTC One M7, it won a plethora of awards and also managed to captivate the general public and took inroads from the likes of Apple and Samsung, they replicated that success again this year, with the excellent One M8, and now they’re looking to make inroads into the mid-market, the HTC Desire 816 is for the budget conscious individual who also wants decent specs and a bigger screen, can it live up to the hype of its more expensive sibling the flagship One M8? Let’s find out.

Design / Hardware


The design of the Desire 816 is pretty distant from that of the company’s flagship the One M8, where the One M8 has smooth aluminium curves, the Desire 816 is a little bit less imaginative, it’s more of a plastic rectangle than a chamfered square. It’s not even really an elegant plastic, like the HTC E8, or the unashamedly plastic IPhone 5C, it’s just plastic. A large piece of plastic at that coming in with a 5.5 inch display it measures in at 156.6mm tall and 78.7mm wide, it’s definitely not going to be to everyone’s taste and it’s definitely not a job for one hand, although the plastic does make it pleasant to grip, you’re still going to need two hands to operate this large fella.

One the left hand side of the device you’ll find the location of the power and volume keys, the phone is far too tall for a power button to be placed at the top, the placement of the buttons means when you do occasionally try one-handed operation it’s more than likely going to be with your left hand. Over on the other side of the device is the