Vertu Aster Collection – The Rolls Royce of Android phones




Phones today aren’t necessarily cheap (unless that’s the Moto E). Most flagship phones cost around the £500 mark for the lower end of the storage range. But nothing come quite close, as the Vertu Aster Collection, which are some of the most expensive phones available for on Android.

Vertu Aster Collection:

There are other designer phones available, but none are quite so prestigious as Vertu. What’s so special about the Vertu Aster Collection? For a start, it’s made in Britain. The American’s are always proud to announce when a product was made in the US, and with good reason. It’s been a long time since Britain was a powerhouse of industry, building cars, radios etc, but the Vertu Aster Collection are all made in Britain by hand (!).

Next, as you would expect from a Designer phone, the Vertu Aster Collection has a unique take on design from other modern Android phones. All phones in the Aster Collection are wrapped in a selection of calves leather or exotic skins such as Ostrich and Karung (a freshwater snake), each available in a range of colours.

If the exotic skins, designer name and British craftsmanship not enough for you, the entire device is made out of titanium and comes complete with a “Ruby Button”. That’s a genuine ruby which is used as the cap for a proprietary button on the Vertu Aster Collection. As you can see, this isn’t a shop bought phone blinged up by a designer, this is designed and crafted to be a stand out piece of kit from the drawing board; just like a Rolls Royce.


Just because it’s all sparkle on the outside, don’t think it doesn’t have some ‘pop’ under the hood. The entire Vertu Aster Collection is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Quad-Core Processor running at 2.3GHz. The screen is a 4.7″ 1080p display with a resolution of 473dpi, protected by sapphire crystal, wi