Sony not planning AOSP roms for Xperia devices



All seemed to indicate that Sony was actively working on stock Android for various Xperia devices, well at least that’s what a bogus rumour was indicating. It turns out that the company has absolutely no intentions to provide any sort of AOSP roms for any of their current handsets.

A Sony developer detailed that they’re instead focusing on building a common git kernel base for Sony devices with the collaboration of a few community developers, the common kernel would eventually serve as a stable base to further develop community-driven custom roms. The Sony developer relation specialists pointed out that their current binaries, devices blobs and current kernel sources are however not going to be enough to build any fully functional rom.

Please note that the binaries and source code provided by us is not enough in order to build a fully functional custom ROM. Instead it’s our ambition to provide a stable base, to make the work for community developers as easy as possible.

Sony is known to be developer-friendly, some of use may remember the company’s effort at maintaining stock Android ICS builds for the Xperia S, and more recently the Xperia Z which at some point gained Android 4.3 in its purest form. The bits were initially published on Github but Sony appeared to have stopped working on AOSP for those devices—the last commits in those respective device kernel branches were merged years ago and there has been little to no activity since.

Sony is nevertheless still committed at the developer community, their developer team did find the idea of AOSP on Sony devices interesting but fully fledged stock roms aren’t going to happen, at least not in the near future.

via Sony