Moto 360 battery life dramatically improved by the latest Android Wear update


Moto 360 battery life

Moto 360 battery life improves after latest Google Android Wear software update.

The latest software update received by Moto 360 users is reportedly dramatically improving the battery life of the smartwatch.

Several Reddit users claim that after having the watch on their wrist for up to 14 hours (after a full charge), the battery was still somewhere around 65 to 70%,that’s at least 20% more battery life for the Moto 360 after a successful update to the latest Android Wear version. The update is being rolled out by Google as we speak to all Android Wear devices and it should bring your wearable device to build number KGW42R (version

Did you update yours? Let us know in the comments below if your battery life has improved after updating to the latest build.