Moto Maker opens in the UK, although Moto X still not available


moto maker

We reported the other day that Motorola E-Commerce had started in the UK, allowing you to buy the Moto G direct from Motorola. Along with the launch of Motorola E-Commerce, Moto Maker is now able to customise your desired phone.

Moto Maker available in the UK:

We’ve been able to play around with Moto Maker for over a year, but not taken any further than the checkout. From now, you can head over to the website and start the Moto Maker to customise your desired phone.

You can now change the back of the phone to a choice of Horween leather finish, at an extra price of £20, or a choice of wooden finishes (also £20). Failing that, you can choose a range of colour. You can also choose the colour of the metal trim round the edge, as well as the colour of the fascia from either black or white.

More importantly than the colour arrangements, you can also choose what size of storage you want. You can either take 16GB or 32GB, although you’ll have to fork out £40 for 16GB extra, which is rather steep, but you don’t don’t get a Micro SD Card, so you don’t have much choice one way or the other; if you want the extra storage, you’ll have to pay.

Finally, you can customise your phone further by ordering engraving on your device. If you want to be silly and put something obscene, Moto Maker’s filter will stop it. Although you could sneak something past it if it’s vaguely safe for work. And expect to pay another extra fee for the pleasure.

The only problem is, the Moto X isn’t available yet. If you decide to customise a Moto X and want to buy it, you can then email the design to yourself and when the Moto X does become available, you can press the link in the email which will take you back to Moto Maker and finish the transaction.

We’ll let you know as soon as we know when the Moto X does become available, at which point you can click on your link.