New Oppo N3 render shows completely different design



A few days ago we published an article regarding a couple of renders of the expected new offering from Oppo, the Oppo N3. But as it turns out, the images GSMArena received were only some concept drawings, which does kind of make sense considering how the device looked. The cylindrical tube atop the device that holds the camera which, if we go with the standard set by the Opppo N1 should apparently swivel back and forth looked awkward and probably a bit ambitious. Lets hope GSMArena got it right the second time, otherwise they’ll be at one strike away from getting send off.

Though it wouldn’t be a surprise in this day and age considering the lengths smartphone makers go to make their devices unique to stand out in an over saturated market. This new leak however shows a more mature,solid device clearly made of metal.The device’s metal buttons are on the left side of the phone. The camera module seems to have a dual flash set up,and the module does seem to have a rotating function.Other than that,there isn’t a lot more that can be told about the device.

The Oppo N1 featured a camera that could rotate 206 degrees and had a massive 5.9 inch screen.It will be interesting to see what Oppo have come up with for the N3.