Galaxy Note 4 display considered the best display so far


Galaxy Note 4 display

Galaxy Note 4 display considered by technology analysts the best display made so far for a smartphone device.

DisplayMate are a collection of technology analysts who put the latest and greatest smartphones through their paces. After an extensive range of tests on Samsung’s latest phablet the Galaxy Note 4, they have labeled the soon to be released Android smartphone the king of screens.

The latest in Samsung’s original phablet range of devices measures in at a huge 5.7 inches, with a stunning quadHD display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440, rivaling that of LG’s G3. Display mate had this to say on Samsung’s latest device;

It provides lots of image detail – it can display four complete HD 1280×720 images at once. The display has Diamond Pixels and Sub-Pixel Rendering with 518 pixels per inch (ppi), providing significantly higher image sharpness than can be resolved with normal 20/20 Vision at the typical viewing distances of 10 inches or more for Smartphones, so the display appears perfectly sharp.7

If you want to get down to the specifics of what tests DisplayMate put the Note 4 through and also its technical analysis on why exactly the Note 4 has the best screen, head on over to the original article. DisplayMate also have a Galaxy Note Edge in the pipe-line to see how it measures up against its brother.

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