Oppo N3 leak suggests slimmer design and rotating camera


Oppo N3 Leak 

A proclaimed leak of the upcoming Oppo N3 has been released from what GSMArena is calling “a reliable source” which shows a device much slimmer than it’s predecessor accept for where the proprietary rotating camera is.

Oppo N3 images leaked:

There are no details on the device itself, nor of it’s unique camera, but GSM Arena’s reliable source has leaked an image of the device which shows that it’s much slimmer than it’s predecessor except for the location of the rotating camera at the top of the device. It appears that Oppo have taken the opportunity to also use this area to make two speakers, suggesting it will have stereo sound. The Oppo N3 Leak also shows that the device may have a dual LED flash.

As mentioned above, no other details are known about the device, other than Oppo themselves admitted it was upcoming on their Facebook page by releasing a teaser image shown below.

Oppo N3 Teaser

Until the event, however, we’re unlikely to find anything else out about the product. Unless, that is, GSM Arena’s unknown tipster decides to leak more so stay tuned.

Source: GSM Arena