Motorola E-Commerce launched on


Motorola E-Commerce

Motorola have made a lot of announcements lately, with the launch of the updated Moto X and Moto G, the long awaited Moto 360, and the announcement of the Moto Hint. But so far, they’ve always sent you to or other shops such as Carphone Warehouse to make your purchase. Until this morning; Motorola e-commerce has just been launched on, meaning for the first time in the UK, you can buy your Motorola product straight from the manufacturer.

Motorola E-Commerce launched today:

Prior to today, if you wanted to buy Motorola’s latest product, you’d have to wait for your network to get the device in stock, or rely on Amazon to get an early stock. From today, however, you’ll no longer need to go elsewhere to buy your Motorola product, as you’ll be able to buy it direct from Motorola themselves.

As of 7 AM this morning, launched Motorola E-Commerce and has been able to take payments for the brand new Moto G alongside several of the shells for the mid-range phone. In the following weeks, Motorola state that more of their products will be added to Motorola E-Commerce, such as the Moto X, Moto 360 and, when it is launched, the Moto Hint.

Motorola E-Commerce also has another great benefit to it, and that is the full deployment of Moto Maker; Motorola’s service whereby you can customise your new device before it is sent from the factory, launched recently in the UK. Moto Maker has been running for over a year in the US, and it has allowed potential buyers to customise their new phone with cases and wallpapers of their favourite American Football teams, or simply a smart wood finish case and back to make their phone stand out on the boardroom table. Given time to get a foothold, it’s hopeful to think that similar options will be available to UK consumers, but maybe with Premiership football teams, towns and cities, or maybe (like in the US), Universities.