HTC set to take on GoPro with 13 megapixel One Eye



We’ve seen HTC rumours come and go of late, we all thought the news of a HTC smartwatch was gathering speed when notorious leaker @evleaks tweeted a picture of the purported device a while back, but HTC shot the rumour down by officially declaring they would not be launching a watch, at least not in 2014.

Out of the dust of that rumour, another has risen, HTC have an event penciled in on October 8th in New York City, where they are widely speculated to be announcing a camera device that will go head to head with the GoPro.

Also on a separate, slightly confusing note, HTC are also meant to be launching another device called the HTC Eye, which is more or less identical to HTC’s current flagship handset, the One M8, the only difference being that it features a 13 megapixel duo-camera, which is a pretty large step up from the One M8’s 4 “ultra-pixel” camera, remember to take this news with a large dose of salt though, especially when we’ve seen one HTC related rumour get shot down so recently.

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