LG to launch G Flex 2 before the year’s end?


G Flex 2

You read that right folks – LG plan on launching a follow up to their curiously curved device of last year, the LG G Flex which launched at a similar time to Samsung’s Galaxy Round, the two devices kick-started a flurry of curve-orientated gags and speculation on whether the two manufacturers had thrown a curve ball into the future of the smartphone industry (sorry).

All this media hype lasted about a month, then everyone decided there wasn’t really much actual benefit to a curved display and got on with their lives.

Nevertheless, LG is purportedly set to release the G Flex 2 before the end of 2014, in a year where Apple exponentially increased the display of its iPhone and Samsung threw an extra 140 pixels of display on the edge of the Galaxy Note Edge, it seems anything is possible.

The leaked information comes thanks to a “high-profile executive” over at LG’s Indian outfit, the executive suggested that the G Flex 2 would be more “compact” than its predecessor and would also have a “Better than HD screen” which leads us to believe that the up-and-coming G Flex 2 will have a Quad HD display, like its popular cousin the G3.

Exact specs are unknown at this time, as the leak is somewhat vague, although; undoubtedly we will see leaks coming in thick and fast from now until LG hold an event later this year, where it’s speculated that the company will announce the LG G Flex 2, let’s hope this time it’s special enough to stay in our collective conscious a while longer.