Intel introduces reference tablet for Android developers



Intel is getting serious about securing a major foothold in the mobile and tablet industry, the company announced that it aims to facilitate the development tablets using chips based on the x86-64 architecture such as Intel’s Atom SoC lineup.

Speaking at IDF (Intel Developer Forum 14), Intel also went further and revealed that they have been working closely with Google to produce Android components specifically tailored for the x86 architecture. Intel will also be maintaining an updated AOSP branch for Intel SoCs; thus allowing manufacturers to directly cherry pick pre-approved base components (device tree, blobs, kernel/arch source) instead of having to ‘tweak’ AOSP to make a specific hardware component work on x86. Manufacturers will even get to select specific hardware from a predefined list of approved components.

In doing so the company promised that every x86 device using its reference design should successfully pass Google’s CTS (Compatibility Test Suite), allowing them to include the Google Mobile Services (GMS) package with any hassle.

This move should hopefully allow OEMs to release even more Atom-based Android tablets.

via Endgaget