Ascend P7 delisted for cheating in 3DMark benchmark tests


Ascend P7 delisted

There have been past cases of OEM’s tweaking their devices to perform differently when put through performance benchmarks. From Samsung to LG to HTC, almost all the big names in the industry have tried to dupe customers into proving that their devices are the most powerful,which is definitely not the case.

This time Huawei found themselves delisted from 3Dmark.This is because their flagship device the Ascend P7 was found cheating following an investigation by AnandTech. Futuremark then followed up by delisting the device from their top of smartphones and tablets. They continued to state that the Huawei Ascend P7 went against and broke the rules.

“Breaking the rules governing benchmark detection.”

The Huawei Ascend P7 features an in-house made 1.8 GHz quad-core Kirin 910T SoC, a 4 core Cortex A9r4 CPU. Topped of by 2 GB of RAM. The device should cap off at 1.3 GHz during normal usage,but when run through benchmarks,it ran at the maximum 1.8 GHz the whole time. The result achieved on 3DMark Ice Storm was 7462 points,while on another benchmark which isn’t open to the public produced a score of 5816 points which is the valid mark. Which comes to around a 28.3% difference.

Another benchmark, in GFXBench T-Rex, the device got 12.3 FPS instead of 10.6,which is the legitimate score without them boost. Huawei responded to the allegations and stated that the CPU adjusted itself according to the workload.The P7 has received favourable reviews, which makes one wonder why Huawei would do such.