Android One to launch on September 15th at Google event in India?


Android One

It’s been nearly two months since Google wowed us all at their yearly expo in Mountain Springs where they introduced Android 5.0 L (possibly called Lemon Meringue Pie), Android Wear, Android Auto and something else. It was tucked away at the end of the presentation and so many of us were reeling from the awesomeness of Android Wear that you may not have noticed something called Android One. This is Google’s mission to bring Android to “the next 5 billion people”.

Android One to launch on September 15th at Google Event in India?

The whole push behind Android One is to get inexpensive phones running the worlds most popular OS to more people without breaking the bank. With prices rumoured to be round $100, this would help people in developing countries get phones that are not only locally produced, but also run the most powerful OS from Google to date. As such, Google have sent out press invites to a September 15th event in India.

There are currently very few details known about the specs of Android One, although a brief description was given at Google I/O saying that the devices would have a 4.5′ screen, dual SIM an SD card Slot and an FM radio. All the devices would run stock Android and would be updated to the latest releases by Google.

To help the local economy, Google also announced that they would be partnering with local manufacturers to release the products. Once such firm mentioned was Micromax in India, which is why the press event on September 15th is looking quite likely to be an Android One release. Although details were vague about the devices, one thing that Google made clear was that if the phones were to launch with added apps, they should be locally relevant apps.

Other than these brief details, there is very little we know about the event, so we’ll just have to wait till September 15th.