Moto X2 with Black leather back plate gets pictured in the wild


Moto X2Moto X2 Black Leather Back and Metal Frame.

In five days Motorola is going to change again the way we look at less powerful devices, but well optimized to be as efficient as top dogs such as G3, Galaxy S5, One M8 or Xperia Z2. The same strategy Apple applies for years and look where its gotten them.

On September 4th, Motorola will unveil not only the sequel of its 2013 “flagship” smartphone, the Moto X2, but also a sequel to the best-selling world-wide entry-level Android phone – Moto G, as well as the most appreciated smartwatch – Moto 360.

While we await for next week Motorola event in Chicago, a new picture of what it could be the Moto X2 with Black leather back plate and metal frame has been making the rounds on the web, thanks to TK Tech News sources.

Fond of a smartphone with leather back?