Nexus X (Motorola XT1100) shows up on AnTuTu Benchmark Service


Nexus 6 Chimera

Regular readers of our product tests and reviews will know that we put all phones and tablets through a set of benchmarking tests to compare them to each other on a level playing field. One of these benchmarking apps we use is the popular AnTuTu Benchmark app. The ‘problem’ is, when you’re testing an as yet unannounced product, you end up giving the game away. At least that’s what is being reported as happening with images claiming to be of the recently rumoured Nexus X (Motorola XT1100) shows up on AnTuTu Benchmark Service.

Nexus X

Nexus X (Motorola XT1100) shows up on AnTuTu:

Images cropping up on TK TechNews claim to be that of the Nexus X (Motorola XT1100) showing up on AnTuTu benchmarking service. No further details are known about the validity of these pictures, nor if they were doctored, however, they do show the same specs as those shown from a different source claiming to show details of the Nexus X (Motorola XT1100), being a CPU by Qualcomm, a 13MP rear camera, and Android 5.0 (believed to be called Key Lime Pie). Also, no further confirmation has been given by the sight as to any more photos or specs.

Source: TK TechNews