NVIDIA SHIELD tablet cracks along the edges


Nvidia SHIELD Tablet cracksNvidia SHIELD Tablet cracks reported.

The NVIDIA SHIELD tablet introduced by NVIDIA a couple of months ago, which is powered by the Tegra K1 chipset has been found by users who own the device to have a couple of issues. The gaming tablet which features top of the line specs has received its fair share of criticism for a couple of issues, but mainly for a common issue which has affected quite a sizeable number of NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet owners.

Owners of the device have complained that hairline cracks have appeared along the edges of the cases. Considering gamers do constantly use their gaming devices constantly,one wonders whether the affected devices will have more issues brought about by the cracks. Some users noticed the cracks right after unboxing.

According to Ubergizmo, NVIDIA has reached out and stated the following:

“There have been reports of hairline cracks in the corners of the SHIELD tablet casing. The crack is cosmetic and does not affect performance. We believe this imperfection is caused by a material control issue during the production of a small number of tablets. This caused the material to become more brittle than expected. We will replace anyone’s unit that sees this imperfection.We’re still in investigation mode and will continue to provide updates as we learn more.”

The NVIDIA SHIELD tablet isn’t the only device to have had such issues,the LG G3 owners have complained about tiny cracks along the microphone area of the device,which is definitely unfortunate.