Swing Copters the latest game from Flappy Bird creator


Swing Copters

If you havent heard it yet, on Thursday, August 21, Swing Copters made it onto the Google Play store, an arcade game that marks the return of the critically acclaimed Dong Nguyen, the man behind Flappy Bird, game that went viral leading to more than a dozen of clones after Dong decided to retire the game from the Play store a few months back.

Well, Swing Copters is pretty much the Flappy Bird game but with a big twist. Now you need to learn to control a propeller to swing your way through obstacles, and the action takes place on the vertical up to the sky.

Swing Copters probably wouldn’t be so popular right now, if it weren’t so darn hard to go through its levels. I have to be honest, I couldn’t make it to level 2, although I have already attempted to do so at least 50 to 100 times.

Just hours after this game hit the Play store, dozens of clones made their way into the Android App store, some developers even tried to confuse users into believing that their game is the original one, using variants of Dong Nguyen’s name such as Dong Entertainment, etc.

If you want to try this game and challenge us, go to the Play store here, and lets see what you can do. Tweet us or just send a message via Facebook or Google Plus page.