LG L Bello and L Fino affordable 3G phones with Rear-key announced


LG L Bello and L Fino

LG Electronics has just introduced a couple of new smartphones that are part of the L series, the LG L Bello and L Fino. Both smartphones will be heading to IFA 2014, where LG is going to show them off.

LG L Bello and L Fino target the affordable smartphone segment and are both equipped with 3G technology and the unique Rear-key system brought last year by the LG G2 and continued in 2014 by the LG G3, which we reviewed recently.

“It provides a consistent user experience, ranging from entry-level premium LG smartphones,” said LG Electronics Business Division bakjongseok MC president to “lead the global market than the 3G to the new L series with differentiated performance and price competitiveness to consolidate I would emphasize “. (South Korean aproximate translation made with Chrome Tranlaste).