O2 to sell Galaxy Alpha as of September on O2 Refresh tariffs


O2 to sell Galaxy AlphaO2 to sell Galaxy Alpha starting next month.

Following the Samsung Galaxy Alpha announcement yesterday, O2 says that they will be stocking the smartphone on its range of O2 Refresh tariffs from next month (September).

Through O2 Refresh one is able to upgrade from another smartphone, the only requirement is to pay off the remaining value of the Galaxy Alpha or of any other more expensive device (rather than the combined value of handset and Airtime for the remaining time on their contract – potentially saving hundreds of pounds to stay bang-up-to-date). What’s more, with O2 Refresh, customers who want to keep their phone after two years will only pay for their monthly Airtime package from that point.

Another interesting program is the O2 Recycle, through which you can recycle an old phone and receive a cash payment when they upgrade. O2 will offer up to £145 for a Galaxy S4 and £255 for those who want to make an immediate leap up from a Galaxy S5. Customers can recycle in-store or online with the network operator.

Manufacturer suggested retail price for the Galaxy Alpha is 600 Euro unlocked, about £480.