Android 4.4 KitKat now on nearly 21% of all devices


stats july

Google has updated the monthly Android platform distribution figures. According to the new data Android KitKat managed to find its way on 20.9% of current Android devices, a 3% increase over last month’s 17.9%.

The older version encompassing three Jelly Bean releases stood at 54.2%, down from 56.4% in July. Android 2.3 Gingrbread quite unexpectedly gained 0.1% since last month, mostly due to some Chinese manufacturers still flooding the market with sub-par low-end devices.

The first Holo version of Android (4.0.x aka Ice Cream Sandwich) stalled at 10.6% while Froyo saw no change in its user-base. We should hopefully see Jelly Bean’s usage decline further with the launch of the next major Android version codenamed ‘L’, well provided most manufacturers release firmware updates for their current KitKat devices in a timely fashion. As for Gingerbread, it will likely still be around by next year judging from its relatively slow decline rate.

via Android Developers