Samsung Galaxy Note 4 pictured in the wild, the retail box too


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 pictured


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 pictured, the retail box as well.

It may only be a few weeks until we see Samsung officially announce the fourth installment of the Galaxy Note range, the range which is accredited with starting off the phablet craze, but some people just can’t wait, so we have in our possession leaked images of the Galaxy Note 4‘s retail box.

the box looks very similar to that of the iphone, with an image of the device on the front of the box underneath “Samsung Galaxy Note 4” this box does look different to that of previous Galaxy devices, it also shows the device having what looks like a metallic design, which would tie in with previous rumours we’ve heard about the device.

Oddly the image of the phone on the box shows it displaying the date as “September 15th 2014” we know the announcement is happening on September 3rd so it’s odd that Samsung would display a different date, unless this is the date of the actual launch.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Retail Package

As usual this is just a leak, there’s nothing to suggest it’s the legitimate retail box of the Note 4, so always take it with a pinch of salt, we’ll keep you posted on any updates as usual.

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