G3 Stylus to take on the Galaxy Note series? [Leak]


G3 Stylus

No matter the niche everyone “copies” somebody to some point, right? Now that LG dropped a huge bomb with the announcement of its 2K G3 (a real contender for Best smartphone of 2014), the company feels that this year it has the adequate hardware and the experience to go offensive on the likes of Samsung and its Galaxy Note phablet.

A promotional video of the G3, G3 Beat published by LG on Youtube (taken down right after they’ve acknowledged the mistake) reveals what it says it is the G3 Stylus. Unfortunately the video ad doesnt give us much to go on, except the size of the screen that looks within the range of 6-inches and the pen accessory that accompanies it.

The G3 Stylus could go official at the end of this month at IFA 2014 in Berlin, right about the same time Samsung is looking to launch its 2014 Galaxy Note phablet.

What say you? Do you think a phablet competitor is what people are looking for?

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