Moto X receives Android L update, says Punit Soni


Moto X receives Android L updateMoto X receives Android L update

There’s been quite a lot written about whether Motorola’s devices such as the Moto E, Moto G and Moto X will receive the Android L update. Google revealed Android L a few weeks ago at Google I/O and ever since users of different brands of devices have been wondering whether their smartphones will receive the next Android update.Well Moto X users were put at ease when one of Motorola’s top executives Punit Soni confirmed on Google+ that the Moto X would receive Android L.

A Google+ user called Josh B posted a question asking whether the Moto X would receive Android L,‚Äústill going to get Android L (5.0)?” and one of the people to reply just happened to be Motorola executive,Punit Soni,who cast out all doubt with a simple,definite “Yup”.

Motorola has in the past few months updated most of its 2013 devices to Android 4.4,and has differentiated itself from most players in the market with its fast updates even to its lower end hardware such as the Moto E.Punit Soni did not reveal any other information regarding other devices but it definitely put Moto X users who might have been having sleepless nights over Android L at ease.

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