TouchPico a innovative 3-in-1 Android device



If you ever felt like playing Angry Birds on a bigger screen? We’re not talking about on a 10 or 12 inch tablet, how about an 80″ screen? Ok, screen maybe a bit of a misnomer, as it would actually be a flat surface. Any flat surface. How you ask? Using the TouchPico, a portable¬† projector made for Android funded through Indiegogo.

TouchPico portable projector:

The TouchPico is the brain child of Tom Li Jiang, now CEO of the TouchPico company. It’s a small hand held projector “a little bigger than a Samsung S4″ and easily fitted in a pocket. Inside the small package is a projector capable of displaying an image up to 80 inches wide on the diagonal at 80 lumens (bright enough to display in a bright classroom). To support this, there is also a slot for an SD Card, speaker for Audio output, integrated WiFi an HDMI port and a wireless mouse. The integrated WiFi is how the TouchPico manages to stream the content of your screen on to the wall (or flat surface), so there are no messy cables you need to link both projector and Android device (although with an HDMI port, you can attach anything with an HDMI output like a camera, camcorder or Raspberry Pi).

If the size wasn’t innovative enough, the TouchPico comes with an stylus which allows you to manipulate the images on screen just as if it were a screen. Imagine, showing your presentation in a full 80” and being able to draw annotations on the slides to make you point. The stylus has a tiny infrared emitter which is picked up by the small infrared camera on the projector. This is then translated into “touch screen” coordinates, which allows for pin-point accuracy.

TouchPicoLaunched on Indiegogo on 27 July (just four days ago at time of writing), the TouchPico project has already been funded over 300% it’s target. This just goes to show how popular and desired this product is. The best thing is, because it still has 27 days to go on Indiegogo, you can still donate and take advantage of the 7 contributor perks, each with it’s own perks.

Retail price looks like it will be $499.99, but this can be greatly reduced by using the contrib