Three’s InTouch App, to make calls and texts over WiFi, launched ahead of schedule:


Three's InTouch App

Last month, we reported that both EE and Three were going to allow users of their networks to send texts and make calls using a WiFi connection, not the usual mobile connection. Ahead of schedule, and before rivals EE, Three’s InTouch app has launched.

Three’s InTouch app launched:

The main idea behind the plan is very simple:  When you are in range and connected to a WiFi network, your calls and texts will be send and received using the WiFi signal, not the Mobile signal. This means that if you live in an area where your phone is pointless for calls/texts, then you can finally make them using you home WiFi. All you need to do is download Three’s InTouch app for iOS or Android and after set up, you’re ready to go. O2 decided to use the same route and have an app do all the difficult set-up work for you, although their service is yet to be announced yet.

EE, on the other hand, are trying to make the system seamless and without the use of an app, opting instead to do all the work behind the scenes. Their system, however, is not up and running yet and will require EE phones to get an Over The Air (OTA) update on their phone. As Android users know, Networks are notoriously slow to push out updates to all handsets at once.

That being said, the system is sure to be a boon for users in remote locations with little to no network but with the ability to use WiFi through ground laid cables. It’s also an improvement for users in town, meaning that once you get in range of a regular WiFi signal, you can turn your network antennae off and save battery, just as you would turn off your WiFi areal off when leaving home. Another advantage the system promissed was any open networks (such as one at the local coffee shop, fast food restaurant and even many town centres now) would also be able to use the system with the assurance that the calls and texts are completely secure using proven encription technology.

You can download Three’s InTouch app for Android from the Google Play Store, and watch the video below for instructions on how to use it.