Samsung Galaxy Note 4 might just have a metal housing


note 4

Galaxy Note 4 to offer premium build quality.

Samsung has been criticized for a while now about the build quality of its devices,especially its flagships, which have come in plastic. Reports claim that Samsung is experimenting with metal builds for its upcoming flagship, the Galaxy Note 4.It is not yet clear which version of the Galaxy Note 4 will have the metallic build, but supposedly one version will definitely have a metallic build quality, while the others will still feature the plastic design.

Korean publication ET News has learned that sources familiar with production the Galaxy Note 4 will feature a metal build quality,a flexible display and a 16-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization (OIS). Other rumors have suggested that Samsung might produce two versions of the Galaxy Note 4,one with a metal case,flexible display and another with a standard plastic body and a  non-flexible display.

All is speculation at this point but it definitely would be an interesting offering from Samsung,and considering the Galaxy Note 4 will be the first Samsung Phablet to face off with an iPhone  Phablet of similar size,Samsung definitely want to do a better job than what they did with the S5.