LG G3s preorder bring the phone at a very reasonable price in UK



LG G3s preorder goes live in the United Kingdom.

You may have heard something last week about LG adding a little brother for the G3 to its line-up of smartphones called the G3 Beat, well it’s been repackaged as the LG G3s for the European market and is being sold sim-free and unlocked for the very reasonable price of £299 (€378).

If you reside within the borders of the United Kingdom, you can pick up the G3’s little bro in 8GB unlocked and sim-free for below £300 and also around £160 less than the price of the 16GB G3. As of yet we’ve got no official word on when we can expect to see the G3 S hitting the shelves.

The news was first spilled by LG Germany who listed the price of the unit as €349, the reason this price is lower than the aforementioned  €379 is that these prices are usually calculated without tax in mind.

The G3S or Beat has already began rolling out in LG’s home country of South Korea and we can apparently expecting to see it landing at European customers doors in the next few weeks, as always we’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear anything.

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