HTC smartwatch sighted for the first time IRL?


HTC Smartwatch

Last week we were treated to a leak courtesy of notorious Twitter tipster @evleaks, the leak showed what was apparently HTC’s step into the smartwatch world. Now, it’s emerged, we may have been given another glance at it earlier than @evleak’s image surfaced ┬ácourtesy of a HTC Design video.

On July 9th HTC uploaded a Youtube video titled HTC Design – Behind the scenes. The video is a short one giving a very brief insight into how HTC’s design team work, the watch allegedly appears at 35 seconds and 43 seconds into the video.

The watch is sitting next to the designer’s computer screen, although it is pretty hard to make out, take a look yourselves and see if you can make it out.

Is this HTC’s first Android Wear device? let us know in the comments and on Twitter.

HTC is reportedly working on at least three new tablets too, including the Nexus 8 / Nexus 9 model.