Blade Vec 4G ZTE’s first phone to bring Google Now Launcher Experience


Blade Vec 4GBlade Vec 4G by ZTE brings Google Now launcher experience.

This is another development in a trend we’ve been noticing quite a bit recently, manufacturers more and more are minimizing how much their Android skin takes over the Android experience, we’ve seen it from HTC in their HTC Sense 6 update and with LG’s latest offering the G3, which looks as close to stock Android as you’ll get.

Chinese company ZTE have gone one extra and decided to go one further with their mid-range smartphone the Blade Vec 4G, which will be launched later this year, along with a yet to be named premium smartphone. The Blade Vec 4G will be the first device outside of the Nexus and Google Play Edition lines to be pre-loaded with the Google Now Launcher out of the box. The device will be announced later in the month in Hong Kong, with the new Google partnership being to the delight of both parties.

Google has recently told manufacturers that they want Android customizations reigned in and have also stated that Android wear will have to fundamentally remain how Google wants it. Manufacturers ability to add custom UIs and features was initially Android’d strength and what made many manufacturers adopt it, but now Android is a well established brand Google feels the best way to push forward is with greater compatibility across its large catalogue of devices and manufacturers.

ZTE will officially unveil the Blade Vec 4G on July 24th, where we’re bound to hear more about availability, pricing and also the company’s future plans.

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