Samsung and Google Argument rages over their smartwatches:


Samsung and Google argument

It’s only been three weeks since the launch of Android Wear, but already, it appears that it is causing tension between two of Android’s giants: a Samsung and Google argument over the use of their smartwatches has arisen.

Samsung And Google Argument over smartwatches:

The Samsung and Google Argument is allegedly between Android’s biggest owner, Google, and Androids biggest retailer, Samsung, over the use of and future of smartwatches. Google boss Lary Page is concerned that Samsung is more invested in their Tizen based smartwatches. Samsung launched Samsung Galaxy Gear over a year ago (and has since updated it with the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, so you could argue that they have more right to keep their platform. However, Samsung Galaxy Gear’s are not compatible with any other phone other than Samsung. Google’s Android Wear is compatible with any Android phone or tablet, meaning it’s open to more users.

The Samsung and Google Argument also spreads to other areas than just Android Wear. Google and Samsung have been arguing about other issues such as when Samsung released an Android skin for their devices and was asked by Google to keep their designs more in line. Tensions are said to be high, which isn’t helped by Samsung re-branding their Samsung apps store to Galaxy Apps, aiming to entice developers to their platform and away from Google Play.

The Samsung and Google argument has made relations between the two companies very fraught, with Samsung calling Google a “big bully” behind closed doors, but if Samsung are going to play in Google’s pool, they have to play by their rules. That being said, Google also have to be careful not to alienate Samsung, as they are – without a doubt – the biggest Android brand to sell worldwide. Something that maybe Google should think about before stepping on Samsung’s toes.

Source: The Information