MediaTek MT6595 benchmark results are incredible, beat all current SoCs


MT6595 benchmark

MT6595 benchmark results show a chipset that outperforms the current competition – Tegra K1 and Snapdragon 805 chipsets.

This week, system on a chip maker MediaTek announced its 64-bit line-up for 2014, including the MT6595 which is an absolute beast according to the company’s slide shown off during the official launch of the new SoC’s earlier this week.

In a slide presentation on stage at MediaTek conference, which took place in Shenzhen, China, MediaTek representatives revealed MT6595’s (four Cortex-A17 cores + four Cortex-A7 cores) AnTuTu benchmark diagram showing a score of 47,233 points, which beat Nvidia’s Tegra K1 and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 chipset score.

MT6595 benchmark

MediaTek MT6595 benchmark result is impressive

Based on ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture, the octa-core processor is a total beast and we cannot wait to see it at work in future mobile de