Wear Mini Launcher – the app launcher from your wrist


wear mini launcher

We have to admit, we’re all really excited about Android Wear. Everyone in the office has been saying which they want when funds allow. This author was lucky enough to play with one over the weekend courtesy of my brother in law. One of the apps he was particularly keen on showing me was Wear Mini Launcher, an app that can launch any app on your Android device directly from your Android Wear device.

Wear Mini Launcher:

Launching apps from your Android Wear device isn’t new, it is a function built in to the Android Wear system. But it can take several swipes, taps and searching, or using your voice using the catch phrase of “OK Google”, but that can take several seconds (up to 10 seconds!) to launch an app. Wear Mini Launcher allows you to do it in a fraction of that.

Once installed, you slide from the top left corner of your Android Wear device (it’ll be interesting to see how they change the behaviour of this when the round fascias come out) and a drawer slides out. You then tap the icon of the app you want to launch and it will launch the app on your phone. If the app has an Android Wear side to it, tapping on the icon will also launch the app on Android Wear. This is most useful if you want to launch an app like Strava, or RunKeeper and want to track a run. Launching the app using Wear Mini Launcher means you no longer have to get your phone out to start, as you can simply start it from the Android Wear device.

If you have an Android Wear device (you lucky devil!) then take a look at Wear Mini Launcher, as I’m sure you’ll find it very useful.

Wear Mini Launcher is available from Google Play for Free.