HTC Dot View case app receives update & more features


dot view caseDot View case app receives software update adding more features and making it even more intuitive.

HTC‘s nifty little Dot View case which caught people’s attention by appearing to show data from your HTC One M8 smartphone onto the case itself. Well, it’s just got even more interesting with an update via the Google Play store designed to add more functionality to the case.

The case works by having a perforated pattern on the front which allows the phone to display information onto it such as time, weather and any notifications the user may have. Now due to the update the Dot view case has the ability to add a wallpaper, with 18 default wallpapers available or the ability to add an image of your own. There’s also new gestures, like swiping up and being able to view the last three numbers dialled.

This isn’t a major update, and doesn’t really add anymore useful functions, but it’s still cool to see what else HTC might add to their case in the near future.