Xperia Z3 photos run wild, sized up against the Galaxy Note 3


Xperia Z3 photosXperia Z3 photos make the rounds on the Internet.

Over the last week or so, multiple photographs which allegedly portrays the Sony Xperia Z3 have been leaked online in Asia, one even shows the Xperia Z3 sized up against the Galaxy Note 3.

You might be wondering, why on earth Sony is launching a new device just months after Xperia Z2. Well, because there is a pattern (schedule) started way back when the Xperia Z was announced. The same year, but during fall, Sony announced Xperia Z1 (odd number), followed by Xperia Z2 in the first half of 2014 like the Z last year, and the Xperia Z3 (another odd number) this autumn. So, you see, there is a pattern.

Xperia Z3 is rumoured to feature a Quad HD display somewhere around 5 to 5.5-inch in diagonal, a Snapdragon 805 or something on 64-bit CPU, 3GB of RAM and 20.7MP rear-camera with G Lens.

Expect the Xperia Z3 to launch alongside its mini companion Xperia Z3 compact around IFA 2014, which will take place in Berlin like all previous years.