Mirroring your Android screen now possible through Chromecast


Mirroring your Android screen is now possible and easy thanks to the latest update brought by Google Developers to the Chromecast gizmo.

Mirroring your Android screen

Google’s Chromecast is a fantastic way to get apps and stream content to your non-smart TV or Smart TV if you fancy, it’s also a great swipe at Apple’s Apple TV which retails at around a third of the price £30 vs £99 for Apple TV.

You can now mirror your entire Android device onto your big screen, meaning you can view photos, videos, apps and anything else you may do on your smartphone. To set it up simply; head to the notification drawer in the Chromecast app and hit “Cast screen” If you own a Nexus device the same operation can be processed through the quick settings.

Once you’ve enabled it everything you see in the device in your hand will be seen on your TV screen, making it a painless experience showing photos to mates. The feature is still in the beta stage and will be available to most of the current crop of Android devices in the next few days.