Samsung Apps store rebranded as Galaxy Apps



The traditional Samsung Apps has finally been axed and reborned in its newest form. Samsung has announced a major rebrand for its App marketplace, the latter will now be called ‘Galaxy Apps’.

Samsung Apps came preinstalled on the vast majority of Samsung devices, providing a decent alternative to Google Play Store. It looks like Samsung is moving forward following months of internal discussions around their App marketplace, earlier reports were indicating that the company was considering to ditch or replace it completely. Samsung has apparently opted for the easy way with a simple name change.

The new Galaxy Apps sports a revamped UI that reminds us of Android ‘L’ Preview, perhaps an indicative that Samsung plans to apply the same design language to its TouchWiz UI too. The store content however remains intact nor are the App categories any different from what we saw in its predecessor.

This suggests that Samsung is further looking to push forward the idea of separate App stores for Android and Tizen. Samsung could have more in store for us, we’ll possibly be seeing traditional ‘S-Apps’ part their own ways as Samsung segregates their App ecosystem.

via Samsung Tomorrow, image via SamMobile