Nexus 8 prototype rears its head in India


Android 4.4.4

There’s been a slew of news regarding new Nexus devices recently, we’ve heard rumours of a new smartphone and a tablet, with HTC supposedly the new manufacturer for the latter. A new leak shows a Nexus tablet prototype entering into India presumably to be used for testing purposes.

The leak is courtesy of an Indian company which details high profile imports coming into the country. The leaked document shows an important originating from the United States with the words; “Nexus 8 Prototype tablet, similar to Nexus 7″ very interesting choice of words, because the important receipt doesn’t give us details on the manufacturer we’ve been left to ponder whether or not the last part of the sentence means it’s similar in design and look or similar in the company manufacturing it.

Nexus 8 prototype

HTC is reported to be announcing an 8.9 inch device later in the year, which many have speculated could be the much rumoured Nexus 8, or the Nexus 9 which with a screen size of 8.9 inches could be called either. If the rumours pan out then we could be looking at an 8.9 inch tablet running the newly unveiled Android L, and a NVIDIA 64 bit Tegra K1 chipset under the hood with 2GB of RAM. Round the back is an 8 megapixel shooter a 3 megapixel one round the front for taking selfies, but hopefully you guys don’t do that kind of thing.

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