Wear Aware reminds to take your phone with you


wear aware

Android Wear based smartwatches like the LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live may be available via Google Play store in some regions, but we are still far from a global rollout and yet, developers are hammering apps for these wearable gadgets.

One such app is Wear Aware, which reminds one to take his phone with him when he leaves the house for work in hurry in the morning, or reminds him to grab his phone from the table when leaving from a restaurant or a coffee shop. Wear Aware is also good for those moments when someone is trying to steal your smartphone, or for those times when you just cant find it around the house.

Wear Aware is awesome when you are walking away from your phone, or your phone is walking away from you!

What Wear Aware app actually does is that it starts buzzing on your wrist when your phone is out of reach.

Download Wear Aware at Google Play store.