HTC One M8 camera improvements for rooted users


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It’s no secret that we love the HTC One M8 (and we’re not the only ones), but despite all the marketing from HTC, it’s hard to get away from the feeling that it’s camera doesn’t stand up to its rivals like the Samsung Galaxy S5. Thank goodness for developers (not the first time we’ve said that, or the last), as one has designed an app for HTC One M8 camera improvements taken by the ultrapixel camera.

HTC One M8 camera improvements:

Thanks to Jishnu Sur, a developer on XDA, HTC One M8 users can make improvements to their photos taken by the Ultrapixel camera. Obviously, these improvements are all software based, but they can make the difference between a decent photo, and a great photo. The catch? Only routed users can use the app.

The app is available from Jishnu Sur’s XDA page, and of course, we highly recommend that you backup your phone before ever attempting this. Here is a list of the HTC One M8 camera improvements that are made by the app:

  • Made the Video Bitrates to CBR [Constant Bitrate] 35Mbps.
  • Added action scene.
  • Added flash and self-timer in burst scene mode.
  • Support for flash in EIS Scene mode.
  • Added flash for night mode.
  • Removed the fixed resolution limit for panorama shots.
  • Flash support added for panorama shots.
  • Self-timer support added for Panorama shots.
  • Support speed increase to 1/9000 and set the minimum shutter speed to 1/100.
  • Modified media profiles for better Audio Quality.
  • JPEG quality bumped to 95
  • Removed the hardcoded bitrate limited by HTC.
  • Sound bitrates improved from 156kbps to 192kbps for clearer and louder sound while recording.
  • Better color reproduction in all Manual, Auto and HDR modes.

Now, it’s also worth mentioning for users who don’t want (or know how) to route their new phone, that many of these are small improvements, but they can make a difference as shown by the following photos by XDA user G-Bus:

HTC One M8 camera improvements: stock camera
This was taken with the stock camera app on Auto mode.
HTC One M8 camera improvements: XDA app picture